The Grant Application Process

Grant Manual Volume 1 (Section 1 of 2) PDF

Grant Manual Volume 1 (Section 2 of 2) PDF

2020 Application Guide

2020 Grant Training Presentation
(PDF of Power Point Presentation Made at Mandatory Training Sessions)

NHTSA "Countermeasures that Work" (Full Document)

NHTSA "Countermeasures that Work" (Summary)

To be considered for funding, all new and renewal grant applications must indicate program service area. 

FY 2020 Grant Application Training Workshop Video

RFP Review;  Grant Terms & Conditions
Creating an EGOHS Plus Account
Starting an Application; Problem ID & Document Attachment
Program Goals, Objectives, Activities, Evaluation, Milestone
Media Plan, Resource Requirment & Self-Sufficiency
Budget Part I
Budget Part II
Contract Forms- Certifications & Signatures
Application Submission Revisions/Modifications

The video segments for the 2020 Federal Fiscal Year Grant Application Training Workshop are provided for attendees to review as they need.  Applicants with questions or problems about completing their application should call 404-656-6996.  Only those who physically attended a 2020 FY Grant Training Application Workshop are eligible to apply.   The deadline to submit a grant application is Friday, April 26, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.